I’m thinking about posting some of my recent work but I’m afraid to.  I guess I’m worried that any criticism will cause me to lose motivation.  I’ve been feeling pretty positive lately in regards to writing and I just don’t want to ruin it.

       I’ve read poetry from other writers and I have a hard time grasping why they are considered great poems.  Who determines what’s worthy of being published?  It’s all a matter of opinion, but I can’t help but think there’s some secret out there that I’m missing out on.  There’s got to be some eye opening thing out there that will make me see the greatness in some of these poems that I truly just don’t understand.  

     I want so badly to write something great.  Every now and then I’ll pop out a piece that I believe is truly wonderful.  I’m always afraid to share it because I worry that I’m the only one who thinks it is perfect.  

   So, the question remains: Should I put myself out there and hope for acceptance, or keep my work to myself and believe it is great?  I’ll think on this some more and maybe within the next day or two I’ll decide if I am ready to share something with the world.  


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