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For Zoey


I wrote this poem, just now, for my daughter.  I don’t ever want her to question whether or not I will support and love her.


For Zoey

Goldfish crackers and Cheerios,

tiny socks for tiny toes.

Pacifiers, bottles and diaper bags,

baby books and spit up rags.

You light up my life like no one knows,

even with that toothless grin and snotty nose.

Grow into the person you are meant to be,

you’ll get no disapproval or hatred from me.

Man, woman, gay, straight or bi,

I’ll be in your corner and by your side.

Doctor, lawyer, artist, or Marine,

I’ll always support your dream.

Atheist, Pagan, Muslim or Jewish,

Believe and have faith in what you wish.

There’s not a thing you can do,

to make me stop loving you.

You’ll always be my baby.

Yes, even when you’re eighty. 


Tiffany Renae Phelps 01/23/2014


There are too many parents out there that reject their children because of their life choices.  You just can’t turn off love.  I hope that as time passes by people realize they need to support and love their children no matter what they grow up to be.


Eternal Love


Forever ago…

minutes, hours and days pass by.

Memory fades.

My grasp on reality slips,

was our love ever strong?

Is romance what makes us go,

or familiarity? 

Where is my knight upon his great steed?

Did he ever exist?

No, I think not…

Rose petals do not lead me to a silk covered bed,

and there is no oak bearing our initials,

yet I do not mind.

There is no castle stretching to the sky,

no magic kiss.

No fairy tale could compare to what our love is.






Gray hairs may emerge from our heads, 

but age means nothing.


true love…

is eternal.


-Tiffany Renae Phelps 01/09/2014